Eleventh Annual Paul Grunberg Memorial Bach Concert: Jeremy Kittel Band

Saturday, July 2 – 7:30 pm
Cost: $35/ $30 PS21 members/$18 students


The spirit of JS Bach is woven throughout this program of wide-ranging works performed by award-winning fiddler and violinist Jeremy Kittel and his exceptional quartet with musical roots spanning the globe. The Jeremy Kittel Band has the drive of Celtic fiddling, spontaneity of jazz, soul of the blues, and intricacies of chamber music. Joshua Pinkham (mandolin), Nathaniel Smith (cello), and Simon Chrisman (hammered dulcimer).

“They are some of the best musicians I’ve ever met. I’ve been blown away by their creativity, spontaneity and commitment to their craft. They’re on par with any of the great classical artists we’ve had here this season.” Olympic Music Festival Artistic Director Julio Elizalde

Learn more: visit the Jeremy Kittel Band website