Lincoln Mayorga: Chopin and Candlelight

Sunday, July 16, 2:00 p.m.
Cost: $30/$25 members/$18 students
(school ID required for college students)


A musical and dramatic presentation, with pianist Lincoln Mayorga performing Chopin’s Twenty-six Preludes and illuminated by correspondence and diaries of the composer and his lover, George Sand performed by actors Nancy Rothman and Martin Anderon.

“Chopin cared for no other instrument the way he loved and identified with the piano. Chopin’s music is not intellectual, its direct emotional appeal. He speaks directly from his heart to ours.”  – Lincoln Mayorga

The novelist George Sand was introduced to Chopin by Franz Liszt. The composer and the trouser wearing novelist were quickly fascinated with each other. Rothman and Anderson bring to life the dynamic relationship of Sands and Chopin by reading the couple’s correspondence and diary throughout the concert.