Parsons Dance

This event is part of the CHATHAM DANCE FESTIVAL

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Friday, September 2 – 8:00 pm
Cost: $40/$35 PS21 members/$20 students

Saturday, September 3 – 8:00 pm
Cost: $40/$35 PS21 members/$20 students

Photo by Yi-Chun Wu

Parsons Dance returns to PS21 with its stunning ensemble work and virtuosic technique. Last summer PS21’s audiences saw Almah, Kate Skarpetowksa’s new work, in development during open rehearsals. This year we will now have an opportunity to see the completed work, which has an original score by Ljova and premiered at the Joyce Theater in January 2016. It explores the connection of an eastern European childhood juxtaposed with the urban folklore of adolescence in NYC. Also on the program will be David Parsons Union and his stroboscopic masterwork Caught.

“Katarzyna Skarpetowska’s world premiere of Alma is the freshest breath of air…” – Erin Bomboy

“This is a ‘dance your heart out’ (at all times, no excuses) kind of enterprise.” – The New York Times