PS21: Phase 2

PS21 has had a great ten-year run under our saddlespan performance tent. Our diverse audiences have loved the close connection between art and nature that has given our seasons their unique flavor. However, now that we’ve become an intrinsic part of the summer entertainment season, I think we’d all agree it’s time to provide a little more comfort to our audiences as well as to our performers, who bravely forewent showers, green rooms and attached bathrooms no matter what the weather.

Our new structure will provide comfortable, raked, covered space for the audience and a stage and backstage fully-equipped to serve our many deserving artists. A new, exciting aspect of the structure will be the year-round 99-seat black box theater, giving us the opportunity to provide even more of what PS21 has become known for: participatory workshops for adults and children, partnerships with other local organizations and, of course, even more varied experiences in the performing arts.

Sincerely, for the Board and Staff of PS21, Inc.
Judy Grunberg

From the Entry Patio

A south elevation view. The stage is to the left of the central entry.
In the winter the stage closes to become a conditioned black box theater.

The roof and support beams have been removed in this view.
In summer, the Stage opens to seating in the open Pavilion.

Architect Evan Stoller of New Lebanon with a model view showing the more open north side of the Pavilion